Classes Available for Children From 3 Years Old

At DSA ballet classes start from the age of 3 years. The Beginners class is held at Letchworth Settlement, Tuesday 4.30-5.00pm.
This introductory class to the wonderful world of ballet starts with a nurturing, creative class often using props and encouraging the use of imagination.
Basic ballet steps are taught leading children with ease to progress to the Primary Examination in Cecchetti Ballet.

Experienced and devoted teaching staff

Ballet classes are led by our principal Sarah Johnson (A.I.S.T.D.Dip) following the Cecchetti method of Ballet training.
Students are led through the Cecchetti Exam system with opportunities for students to take both the Class and Grade Exams, eventually leading to Vocational Graded Exams which currently offer UCAS points from Grade 6.

Prepare for a career in dance or dance just for fun!

We devote our time to provide exceptional coaching to turn our students into proficient dancers.
We provide a safe, fun, learning environment where students can express themselves whilst perfecting their technique and skill.

Ballet school

As well as pupils having the opportunity to work through the Cecchetti exam system, DSA offers additional pointe work classes to their ballet students.

Students are given the opportunity to work through the Cecchetti exam system with both Class and Grade exams.

DSA also offers additional Pointe work lessons. This is an opportunity for students to gain further strength and expertise alongside their regular ballet classes.

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