Tap dancing classes in Letchworth

Comprehensive syllabus of tap dancing

At Dance Steps Academy, we follow the I.S.T.D. tap syllabus. Students can join us to learn basic tap steps, working up to more advance steps as they progress. Senior tap and modern classes are taught by Rachel Saunders (A.I.S.T.D.). Rachel who herself was once a pupil of Dance Steps Academy continued her training at London Studio Centre and then The College based in Royston. ‘Rachel is currently Course Leader on the B-tec diploma course at Stage Right in Royston as well as running the popular Street Dance classes at Dance Steps Academy.

Internal recognition and encouragement

Our teaching staff offers top-quality training preparations for students who are planning to join our dance classes. We also provide internal recognition of talent and hard work by giving awards and prizes to hardworking and deserving students.

We also offer Modern dance and Jazz dance classes following the ISTD Jazz Awards.

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